Gloria Christi Means “Glory of Christ”

By the time we broke ground in 1963, we’d been discussing how we wanted to serve the Greeley community for quite a while.

We wanted to be a light… a light that showed the love of Christ to those that are raising their families, to those that are hurting, to everyone who needed the forgiveness of sins and the reassurance of God’s love for them.

God’s Love is Shown at Gloria Christi through Solid Doctrine


We believe, teach and confess that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, that from cover to cover shows us how He loves us and why we needed Jesus to die for our sins. We can’t save ourselves. Only God can save us.

At Gloria Christi Lutheran Church, we aren’t scared of big theological words like “Christocentric” because we are completely Christ-centered.  We like to dig deep into the faith.

Doctrines help us understand who God is and who we are in relation to Him. They don’t replace the Bible, they open the Bible up to us.

God’s Love is Shown at Gloria Christi through Christ-Centered Worship

Liturgical worship is Christ-centered worship. It’s not about what we’re doing for God, but we’re entering into His presence to receive His gifts.

In the liturgy, we’re singing God’s words found in Scripture. But we’re also singing the same words that Christians and Jews sung in the past, the same words being sung in heaven, and the same words liturgical Christians are singing in a myriad of languages all over the world. The liturgy unites us into the life of The Church.


Every Sunday:

  • We gather together in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — the very words that made us sons of God — and why we’re entitled to enter into His presence in the first place.
  • But we’ve sinned against God and this guilt is often what makes us feel like we don’t want to go to church in the first place, so we confess those sins through the corporate confession and the pastor forgives us in Christ’s name.
  • Then we can rejoice and sing His praises in the Gloria in Excelsis because we’re forgiven and we can confess the faith in the Apostles or Nicene Creed that unites all Christians.
  • We hear God’s Word proclaimed to us and we learn in the sermon.
  • We raise up our concerns in prayer — framed by the Lord’s Prayer — the very prayer that Jesus taught us.
  • We receive the Body and Blood of Christ through Holy Communion, where the Holy Spirit forgives our sins and strengthens us.
  • We go out into the world to serve — forgiven, strengthened, and renewed.

God’s Love is Shown at Gloria Christi through The Fellowship of All Believers

The first thing the Holy Spirit did after bringing people to faith at Pentecost was to gather them together so that they could receive Word and Sacrament and support each other in the faith. 

That’s why we come together at Gloria Christi — to rejoice in God’s gifts and to support each other as we raise our families and live our lives. 

We have several activities and groups that meet throughout the year, but what happens each Sunday is the most important.