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Gloria Christi Means “Glory of Christ”

And the glory of Christ shines in our day to day life as we rejoice in Word and Sacrament and support each other and our community. 

If you ask our members, they’ll tell you “We’re a family.” That means we’re a safe and loving church for all ages. 

Scroll down to find out more about our daily life and how you can be included.

Gloria Christi logo with Luther's seal in a cross

Gloria Christi Sundays: Divine Service, Bible Study & Sunday School

The life of The Church centers around Word and Sacrament where we receive Christ’s forgiveness and grow deeper in our faith, no matter what our age is

the chancel in the Time of the Church

Gloria Christi's Chancel

“Gloria Christi” or “Glory of Christ” is the focal point of our chancel and our worship life.

adults and parents with younger children at Gloria Christi Bible Study

Growing in God's Word

Gloria Christi’s Bible study provides the opportunity to study the Bible with Pastor and grow deeper in our understanding of our faith.

kids at Sunday School at short tables

Sunday School for Our Kids

Helping our kids grow in their faith is what our Sunday School is all about

Gloria Christi logo with Luther's seal in a cross

Gloria Christi Youth and Education:

Confirmation, Higher Things, Retreats, LCMS-U/Young Adults

Because Christ wants us to raise our children to know Him, we make Gloria Christi a good place for children to grow in the faith


Gloria Christi Lutheran Church confirmation


After deeper study into their baptismal faith, Gloria Christi teens publicly profess (confirm) their faith before the congregation.

Gloria Christi Youth at Higher Things Conference

Growing in God’s Word

A highlight of each year is Higher Things. our teens spend 3 days digging into solid theology and worship while having fun on a college campus.

Gloria Christi youth hanging out

Youth Retreats

We find time to have fun together throughout the year because strong Christian friendships help prepare and strengthen us for a lifetime in the faith.

Gloria Christi youth hanging out


Gloria Christi is the home for LCMS U at University of Northern Colorado and Aims Community College.  Your college student is welcome here!

Gloria Christi logo with Luther's seal in a cross

Gloria Christi Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations

The special times in the liturgical year and in the various seasons are important to share together. Come join us for some of our most special ones.

Live Nativity

Every Advent season, we share the birth of Christ with the community of Greeley, Colorado.

Live Nativity

Members of all ages celebrate the coming of Jesus


Easter Breakfast & Egg Hunt

We gather to celebrate the risen Christ and then we also enjoy a wonderful breakfast and look for some eggs.

Pie Contest & FUNdraiser

We're in this together...

We’re a family, and you’re welcome, too.

  • Rally Sunday and Sunday School Send Off
  • Lefse-fest
  • Reformation Celebration
  • Nativity craft day
  • Church work days

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